A new book about programming with OCaml

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In OCaml from the Very Beginning John Whitington takes a no-prerequisites approach to teaching a modern general-purpose programming language. Each small, self-contained chapter introduces a new topic in tutorial style, building until the reader can write quite substantial programs. There are plenty of questions and, crucially, worked answers and hints.

OCaml from the Very Beginning will appeal both to new programmers, and experienced programmers eager to explore functional languages such as OCaml. It is suitable both for formal use within an undergraduate or graduate curriculum, and for the interested amateur. 

Get it now on Amazon as a printed book and Kindle e-book for $39.99 or less, or as a DRM-free PDF ebook for just $19.99. Or buy PDFs of both OCaml books for $24.99.

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Praise for "OCaml from the Very Beginning" 

 "I think this is one of the best beginner-oriented books I have ever seen, for any language." - Damien Doligez, INRIA Paris-Rocquencourt, developers of OCaml.

"It is perhaps the missing book on OCaml." - Amazon Review

"OCaml from the Very Beginning is a book I'd definitively recommend to anyone interested in learning functional programming." - Adam Petersen (Author, "Patterns in C")