More OCaml : Algorithms, Methods & Diversions

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In More OCaml John Whitington takes a meandering tour of functional programming with OCaml, introducing various language features and describing some classic algorithms. The book ends with a large worked example dealing with the production of PDF files. There are questions for each chapter together with worked answers and hints.

More OCaml will appeal both to existing OCaml programmers who wish to brush up their skills, and to experienced programmers eager to explore functional languages such as OCaml. It is hoped that each reader will find something new, or see an old thing in a new light. For the more casual reader, or those who are used to a different functional language, a summary of basic OCaml is provided at the front of the book. 

Sample Chapters

Contents | Preface | Summary of Basic OCaml | Our Working Environment

  1. Unravelling Fold
  2. Being Lazy
  3. Named Tuples with Records
  4. Generalized Input/Output
  5. Streams of Bits
  6. Compressing Data
  7. Labelled and Optional Arguments
  8. Formatted Printing
  9. Searching for Things
  10. Finding Permutations
  11. Making Sets
  12. Playing Games
  13. Representing Documents
  14. Writing Documents
  15. Pretty Pictures
  16. Adding Text

Answers to Questions | Hints for Questions | Coping with Errors | Index

Buy on Amazon for $39.99 or less, or as a DRM-free PDF eBook for just $14.99.