Reprinting of "OCaml from the Very Beginning"

Owing to the print-on-demand process we're using, it's simple to update the book to fix the few errata which have been pointed out by kind readers since publication. The new text is now live on Amazon, the Kindle Store, and our website

To update the Kindle copy, go to "Manage My Kindle" on Amazon (there is no automatic update process). 

If you have purchased a PDF e-book, just email us for an updated PDF (it is possible to notify customers of an updated version by email, but since none of the errata are serious, we've opted not to do so). 

If you have a physical book, you can fix the errata yourself from the errata page on the website. In addition, if you have purchased the physical book, and would like a copy of the new PDF, please forward your amazon receipt to 

And finally, if you have found mistakes in the book (or have any suggestions for the next edition), please do tell us, using the contact form on the website.